About Us

The Chesoen Ward Comrades Group is a community-based organization that has been making significant strides in empowering and uplifting the residents of Chesoen Ward. The group understands the unique challenges that the community faces and has designed various programs and initiatives to address them. These programs include education and training, health and wellness, and economic empowerment initiatives. Through education and training programs, the group has been able to equip the community with skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the modern world. Additionally, the health and wellness initiatives have promoted healthy living and improved access to healthcare services, thereby improving the overall health of the community. The economic empowerment initiatives have also been instrumental in uplifting the economic status of individuals and families in Chesoen Ward by providing them with access to financial resources and entrepreneurship training.

The Chesoen Ward Comrades Group is committed to promoting a brighter future for the community by fostering a sense of unity and collaboration among its members. The group has built a strong network of individuals, organizations, and stakeholders who are passionate about improving the quality of life in Chesoen Ward. This network has enabled the group to leverage resources and expertise from various sources, which has enabled them to achieve more significant results in their programs and initiatives. The group also recognizes the importance of community participation and involvement in their activities. As such, they have established various platforms and avenues for community members to participate and contribute towards the development of their community. By fostering community participation and involvement, the group has been able to create a sense of ownership and pride among the community members, which has led to a more significant impact in their programs and initiatives.

Most if not all students in universities and colleges goes through many perplexities and often needs the support of others. This often requires pooling of resources together, and in the quest to address these issues Chesoen ward comrades group came into being on the 29th December 2017. The first meeting that was held at Choronok Greenfield academy and was attended by 80 students resolve to form a big group that comprises of colleges and universities students drawn from across Chesoen ward. The objectives of the group include:
1. Students welfare
2. Access to County revolving fund
3. Attachment and internships
4. Corporate social responsibility which include; mentorship program, charitable works and environmental conservation.


To ensure that every child/ youth gets access to education and becomes empowered for employment.


To be a leading platform in education sensitization and development.